Sampling Solutions Reaching Office Depot® Shoppers

We help you reach Office Depot® shoppers to drive trial and conversation with industry leading product sampling solutions.

Pre-shop Sampling
Leverage a custom lifestyle venue network surrounding Office Depot® store locations to drive trial and traffic to purchase your new brand or product. Learn More

Virtual Sampling
Bring your brand to life through a live-streamed demo reaching Office Depot® shoppers on their favorite social networks. Learn More Content Syndication & Augmented Reality
Our Flixmedia technology, offers a full content syndication service enabling brands to maximize the impact of their product pages by easily delivering images, product videos, product descriptions and more, directly to the Office Depot product pages to drive sales. 'Point and Place®' is a revolutionary Augmented Reality Shopping Experience that enables shoppers to see the product in AR in their own home, allowing them to 'try before they buy' and reducing the 'Imagination Gap' when buying online.

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